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      Offering Hope

      Sioux Falls Mayor, Paul TenHaken, formed a committee in 2021 with the desire to create a new project whereby the mission would be to bring awareness to an important issue.

      Didactic Productions is beyond honored and proud to have been asked to design the official logo for this project along with photograph the official portraits and the supporting documents.

      The 437 Project was born of a passion for bolstering both physical and mental wellness and the often overlooked connection between the two. In 2022, the inaugural 437 Project will run 437 miles across the state of South Dakota, raising funds to support The Helpline Center.

      The Helpline Center is the only accredited suicide crisis center in the state. It serves thousands of people each year by connecting individuals to resources and support, connecting local agency volunteers, and offering hope to individuals with thoughts of suicide.

      This group of twelve runners is made up of South Dakota community leaders who will stop at nothing to influence and create positive change in The Mount Rushmore State. On Thursday September 22, runners will depart from Belle Fourche to begin the 437 mile relay-style journey across the state. Tackling the ever-changing South Dakota weather and terrain, runners will connect with communities across the state as they raise funds and awareness for this initiative, arriving in Sioux Falls on Sunday September 25.

      Each year over 48,000 people in the United States die by suicide leaving behind thousands of loved ones to endure this life-changing loss. Text4HOPE is a crisis texting program providing critical outreach and resources, which is available 24/7 to all South Dakota high school students. Your donation to The 437 Project provides ongoing support to someone who has lost a family member or friend to suicide, connecting them with resources and support groups to navigate through the grieving process. Your contributions will also allow team members access to adequate training to ensure the skills necessary to identify those at risk of suicide and provide the life-saving means to help.

      Learn about and support the Helpline Center.


      Maximizing Excellence, LLC

      Maximizing Excellence, LLC, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, partners with organizations that want to improve their effectiveness and achieve high impact.

      Didactic Productions jumped at the chance to work with Founder and CEO, Cindy Elifrits Peterson, along with consultants Kacey McCarthy, Rika Peterson, and project specialist, Jourdyn Brown on their new website and portraits.

      Whether you are a nonprofit looking to generate resources and expand programming, an organization or group pursuing a capital campaign, a church trying to reinvigorate annual giving and volunteerism among your congregation, or a university alumni association wanting to find the right way to engage graduates in your strategic planning process or fundraising campaign, Maximizing Excellence will partner with you—literally work alongside you—to achieve your goals.

      We do that through a wide array of services that we tailor to your individual organization. As part of your partnership with MaxEx, we commit to giving you the resources you need to achieve your desired results and continue to succeed in the future.


      The Based Podcast

      What are you based on?
      This is a must listen as one of Didactic Productions’ clients who took advantage of our new studio space with their compelling podcast.
      Jeff Gould (America’s Storyteller) and Chris Larson (The Comfort King) provide a little background on their journeys that have led them to this place and time, in which they both have felt the hand of God directing them to share stories, pursue fundamental truths and apply a template to the lives of Modern Man that both asks the question “What are you Based on?” and urges the professing Christian to base their life on the Word of God.


      Sioux Falls Leadership Summit: James Clear

      In both 2021 and 2022, Didactic Productions was an event sponsor for the Sioux Falls Leadership Summit along with having the opportunity to help brand the summit.
      In 2021, we had the honor to feature the leadership guru himself, John C. Maxwell, and in 2022 our featured speaker was none other than James Clear.
      So many fellow SME Sioux Falls Sales & Marketing Executives (SME) Sioux Falls members worked tirelessly to make this event happen with so much success.


      16 Miles to Nowhere

      This unique prairie experience is nestled among 40 acres where you’re more likely to see wildlife than people. This business is a vacation home in the middle of South Dakota.

      For many decades, 16 Miles to Nowhere used to be an active Hereford cattle ranch ran by the Hayes Family.

      This is the place for…
      • Sportsmen
      • Families
      • Tourists
      • Writers
      • Artists
      • Historians
      • Photographers/Videographers
      • Adventure seekers
      • Nature lovers
      • Getting away from it all…



      “If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.​”

      – Zig Ziglar

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