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Rocky Hayes not only works with you to design a website that is professional and consistent with your other marketing materials, but we can also handle the coding necessary to make your website an online reality. Originally, people just wanted a website, but now...they want one that is well designed, found on search engines and easy to navigate. People that understand this know it takes a professional to add the creative touch for their business, organization or political campaign website.

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Print Projects
Graphic design print projects can vary from annual reports to business cards or from multi-folded brochures to large presentation displays. Please peruse these items at right. I have a plethora of projects I've worked on over the years, if you're looking for something in particular most likely I've done something like it. So, get in touch with me and let's determine the best design approach.


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Logos and Stationery
Your logo is your brand. Do I mean your cattle brand? Sure, kinda...but it's a good analogy to keep in mind when determining how you want to communicate with people. Logos are the nucleus of your business, campaign or organization. The design process of birthing a logo is exciting, creative and fascinating. Creating an element that is intended to represent the basic concept of your business is critical to the professional appearance of your entity. You will use this logo on everything you do to promote your product or service and communicate with your audience.

Some portfolio projects were created while working as senior graphic designer for a private firm.
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Who are my usual clients?
The types of projects I work on are usually for a business, non-profit organization or a political campaign. I've had diverse clients who are electricians, television hosts, hunters and politicians. I've done work in vast fields of interest like medicine, senior housing, hunting lodges, family archivers, lingerie vendors, environmentalists, scientists and of course political campaigns. All of these are examples, but one terrific aspect of being in this field is that it requires me to meet new people and learn about their business or cause. And when I'm able to see that my work has helped them achieve their goals, it's simply the cherry on top.

Business Philosophy
When it comes to graphic design firms, I believe there's a dichotomy in the philosophy of how those businesses can interact with clients. An analogy of this philosophy would be the differentation between a franchise quick lube versus a mom-and-pop mechanic shop. Imagine what you would prefer when it comes to having your car maintained.

The first option would be to patronize a quick lube where you pull up, the guy takes your car keys and you're asked to sit in the waiting room to luxurate with cold, stale coffee and peruse ripped magazines that are six months old. After 20 minutes of pretending to read the magazine, the guy looks to see what your name is and tells you that you require a new "piston g-rod chain converter" on your car. Unless you know mechanic's jive, you begrudgingly agree and they hopefully do what they say and that it is indeed necessary. Then, you drive away and know you'll need to visit them again in a few months for another quick lube and you hope to remember to bring your own reading material to pass the time.

Or, there is option two. You go to the mom-and-pop mechanic shop that's the anti-quick lube...which doesn't mean they're slow, it's just much more relaxed and intimate. The beloved grease monkey knows your first name and the make of your car. He has some great music in the background and some posters on the wall you'd expect to see at such a place. He asks about your kids, he's more than willing to have you in the garage with him where you can ask questions and he'll explain exactly what he's doing and why he's doing it. It's more of a relationship, it's more open, it's more hospitable. And when he's finished with your car, he shares a joke and a handshake. I like to consider my way of doing business as option two, minus the oil grease under the fingernails.

What kinds of projects can I do for you?
With today's technology, as a freelance graphic designer, I can work with clients anywhere on the globe where they have an Internet connection and a telephone. In fact, the majority of my clients are all across the country and many of which I've never personally met.
  • websites using XHTML, CSS and Flash
  • e-newsletter designs
  • logos / corporate identity
  • letterheads, business cards and envelopes
  • brochures / newsletters
  • books / magazines / journals
  • annual reports / proposals
  • advertisements
  • posters
  • flyers / postcards / DVD and CD jewel case designs
  • large presentation displays / banners / billboards
  • restaurant menus / table tents
  • essentially any project you need printed

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After I was elected president of the North Oakland Republican Club (NORC) the first call I made was to a graphic designer who was referred to me by the name of Rocky Hayes. This was indeed a fortuitous decision. Rocky began to instruct me on the importance of name-branding. He created an outstanding logo that is now recognized statewide in Michigan. We have utilized the logo on all our t-shirts, business cards...everything. Rocky then designed our NORC brochure and website. These tools helped to establish us as a standout organization, and Rocky's brochure and website are still talked about in Michigan Republican politics as examples of the best in the state. We have consistently utilized Rocky for all our graphic needs, and he has designed more types of advertisements and design work than this testimonial allows me to describe.

With Rocky’s direction and expertise in branding our organization, and with the help of a talented group of leaders, NORC has grown into one of the largest Republican organizations in the state of Michigan. NORC was recently recognized by the Republican State Party Chair as the “gold standard” of Republican organizations in the state of Michigan. We owe much of our success to the outstanding work of Rocky Hayes. Over the years, we have had many people request that they be allowed to replace Rocky as our designer. Replacing Rocky is something we wouldn't even consider. Besides doing phenomenal work, Rocky has always been honest, reliable, personable, and timely, even when we needed it “yesterday”. All the NORC leadership is in agreement that we could not have done it without Rocky and cannot recommend him high enough.

Jim Runestad
President, North Oakland Republican Club
I was introduced to Rocky by a co-worker who recommended his work. My experience working with Rocky has been fantastic. His level of service, quality, and attention to detail always exceed my expectations.

I really appreciate Rocky’s ability to take my fragmented thoughts and combine them into the concept I was searching for. Rocky is very patient, intuitive and wonderfully creative with his designs. He understands our needs and is very responsive to our tight timelines. Rocky listens to what is important to us and always finds the best solution within the available budget.

I have worked with Rocky on a number of projects now and will continue to do so in the future. If you are looking for professional, friendly, thorough, timely, cost effective, and EXCELLENT design, Rocky Hayes Design is the one for you.

Betty Ice
Director, Marketing & Communications
Health Dimensions Group

Rocky has consistently provided original yet practical design ideas for our media needs. His creativity is trumped only by his prompt and diligent customer service.

Not only has Rocky helped us with our design needs, but his assistance and consultation in areas of general marketing has also proven invaluable. You will not find another such full-service and personalized provider for your advertising dollar.

Clay Wilhelm
Owner, Wilhelm Pheasant Hunts, LLC

Rocky Hayes Design and my organization may be worlds apart--God's Country, South Dakota vs. Metropolitan Detroit--but when I want excellent graphic design, Rocky exceeds my expectations everytime. Quick, reasonably priced and excellent in all phases of concept development, he brings a rare blend of empathy, character and vision to his work. Rocky involves his customers and prepares them for the next level. He listens for understanding and captures the details. Rocky thinks long term and he makes it so easy to get the job done. That's why he gets all of my business. That's why I send my friends. When people want exceptional graphic design services, I send them to Rocky.

Dr. Michael Ross, MD
President, Defending Our Father's House

Rocky is a great graphic designer and web developer. I've used him consistently for almost 10 years. He brings a highly creative but realistic approach to design and web projects. The results are always attractive, informative and - most importantly - user friendly. Unlike many designers who are too much into the "art" of their work, Rocky's results represent the best in information design that people can actually follow and understand. If you're looking for clear-cut design without all the bull, give Rocky a call. You'll be glad you did.

Andy Edeburn
Director of Project Management
Health Dimensions Group

Rocky has delivered excellent design services for my clients, including creative as well as suggestions that have improved implementation of clients' marketing and communications programs. I have been particularly impressed by Rocky's ability to establish strong working relationships with me and on behalf of clients and other vendors even though he is in another state and our work occurs entirely by phone and over the internet. Local vendors I use for production have commented that the quality of production-ready content is of high quality and speeds the production processes because no final corrections or conversions are necessary.

As a colleague, Rocky is oriented to solving problems and providing the most effective expression of the client's communications objectives. He is very reliable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Rocky Hayes as a colleague and as a professional.

Meg Mullen
Principal, Mullen Company, LLC

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Do not hesitate to email me to discuss your project, or just to ask any questions. [email protected]

In Person
I live in South Dakota. If you would like to meet just shoot me an email or give me a call and we can have coffee.

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