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The Didactic Designer
August 26, 2008

Latest News and Design Projects

Bad River Bucks & Birds Website

One of many projects Iím working on has recently been completed. This particular project is a South Dakota hunting lodge website.

Bad River Bucks & Birds is a website redesign that has an expansive site allowing hunters to obtain a great deal of information prior to booking their hunt.

From an about us section, information about their cattle barn converted into a stellar hunting lodge, testimonials, large photo gallery and content management systems for upcoming events ó this site has an abundance of literature to convince a potential hunter that thereís no other choice for their sportsman excursion.

Click here to visit the Bad River Bucks & Birds website.

Michigan Family Defender Newsletter

The Family Rights Coalition (FRC), in Michigan, recently have been coalescing politicians, authors and advocates to write articles for a very powerful newsletter that trumpets their cause.

The first issue (eight pages) was well received and has increased the esteem of FRC. The second issue has doubled in size to 16 pages and is perhaps even more powerful and provocative in its latest issue.

Feel free to click here and download the PDF file to not only see the layout I designed for FRC but to also read the powerful prose these people have written.

Run with Runestad Campaign Wins Primary

A month ago, one of my clients won his primary campaign in a landslide with 57 percent of the vote! The following are comments Jim Runestad made about my involvement in his campaign.

"I would like to offer a sage piece of advice to those running a serious campaign. I could not have been nearly as successful without a great graphics/web designer. One of the best I have seen is Rocky Hayes. If interested you can find his contact information on the NORC website or you can visit his website: www.RockyHayesDesign.com. I encourage you to look at the work he did on my and other's campaigns."

Please visit Jim's campaign website to see the site design, campaign logo and brochure.

Didactic Defined

What does "didactic" mean?

Pronunciation: di-'dak-tik
Function: adjective
Etymology: Greek didaktikos, from didaskein to teach
Date: 1658

1 a: designed or intended to teach b: intended to convey instruction and information as well as pleasure and entertainment (didactic poetry)

2: making moral observations

(From Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, 2008 edition.)

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RHD Blog is Online

They are everywhere. You may read them often, perhaps you have several favorites. Each have themes. But there is one obvious thing each of them must have to be successful. Blogs must be interesting and informative. Otherwise, why bother creating one and certainly -- why bother reading one?

This is my first real foray into creating and maintaining a blog for my freelance design business.

Now, I have no intention of blathering about whatís going on in my day-to-day life. No, the intent here is to let you know what Iím doing in terms of freelance work. It will involve new technology, design or communication thatís going on in the world of Rocky Hayes Design.

Please peruse the Rocky Hayes Design Blog and let me know your thoughts! You'll find more information on other projects as well as much more frequent updates and opining.

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